Parcel Monkey Case Study

Increasing our visibility

Parcel Monkey was founded in 2006 by Navin Ramiah to bring better priced parcel delivery to the masses. Parcel Monkey is the cheapest way to send UK parcels and is on its way to becoming the biggest online parcel delivery service in the UK, taking thousands of bookings every day and saving their customers millions of pounds every year.

Parcel Monkey is now an international company having launched into the U.S market in May 2015 offering high quality, value-for-money service, competing against the other large, high priced market providers.

Selecting the right payment gateway

Parcel Monkey prides itself on being a business that reduces the costs of deliveries for their customers, to do this Parcel Monkey needs to ensure that its operational costs are low. It was therefore important for Parcel Monkey to find a reliable and cost effective online payment gateway, without the complexity, investment or compliance obligations needed to build and operate a payments network in-house.

To keep costs to a minimum Parcel Monkey tries where possible to reduce the number of its suppliers. Partnering only with suppliers that can add value, offer international or multiple services.

Historically Parcel Monkey had been using Worldpay (Streamline) and Ingenico Payment Services (Ogone), they decided to switch provider as they wanted price and service flexibility as well as one who had the ability to support their international growth plans, in particular Parcel Monkey US.

Navin Ramiah, CEO and Owner of Parcel Monkey said,

"NetPay’s services are a giant leap from our previous suppliers, their management portal gives us complete visibility of all of our transactions across our international business. Allowing us to compare countries and provide useful insight into the number of loyal (repeat) customers we have".

Why NetPay

NetPay has saved us 16% on charges equating as a financial saving of £12,495, which is fantastic, especially as the number of transactions that are made through our website is continuing to grow, this number will only get bigger. NetPay also has the ability to support us as we expand our business internationally. It was extremely important for us to partner with one organisation as it keeps everything streamlined. NetPay offered this service where many other providers could not".

NetPay’s reporting portal Revolution, analyses repeat card activity, shopper behaviour, average transaction value, card times and trading times both in-store and online within the same platform.

The reporting and analytics that Revolution provides, means that we do not have to invest in expensive web analytics software or employ a business analyst as everything we need is provided in the portal. We can see that 31% of our customers are repeat, but it is also good to see the number of new customers is increasing”, continues Navin.

Advantages of Switching to NetPay

  • Zero downtime, the payment gateway is reliable and robust
  • Multi-Currency, multi-region NetPay provides services in Ireland, the UK and US
  • NetPay offers international services, working with 136 acquiring banks across the globe
  • NetPay’s Tokenisation process allows regular customer to make payments quicker and increase convenience
  • Visibility of all your transactions across the globe

"Switching over to NetPay was easy, we worked closely with the NetPay development team to integrate and test the payment gateway within our test environment".

Richard Barret, Group Technical Director, Parcel Monkey.

Parcel Monkey Case Study

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