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The article talks about Irish consumers spending habits and how they are making the switch from using credit cards to debit cards. It also talks about the increased usage of digital payment methods, contactless payments and mobile wallets at payment terminals when consumers make purchases.

Consumer and Personal Finance

Irish Consumer Spending Habits

8 October 2019, Tuesday | Written by: New Payment Innovation

IRISH CONSUMERS CHOOSE DEBIT CARDS OVER CREDIT CARDS Debit card usage increases whilst more consumers switch from cash to card...

Is this generation full of tech- slaves ?

20 September 2019, Friday | Written by: New Payment Innovation

Technology has transformed our world over the years, giving us some amazing tools and resources and make our lives easier....

What your credit card says about your personality

16 August 2019, Friday | Written by: New Payment Innovation

  What if marketers could determine their customers personality type by their spending habits?  As per the new consumer behavior...

The cost of dealing in cash

12 July 2019, Friday | Written by: New Payment Innovation

For decades, analysts have been predicting the advent of the cashless society, but like flying cars and time-travel, that future...

Why your business needs to look at Data?

17 June 2019, Monday | Written by: Karen Froude

    We live in a data driven environment where Big Data and analytics are at the top of every...

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