Payments Industry

Top Benefits of Installing EPOS

28 May 2020, Thursday | Written by: New Payment Innovation
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Businesses are increasingly making use of technology to streamline their operations and offer a better experience to their customers. Electronic...

Is COVID-19 a turning point for the Fintech sector?

25 April 2020, Saturday | Written by: New Payment Innovation
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Fintechs that offer innovative payment services and solutions have helped the banking and payments industries evolve since the 2008 crisis,...

What your credit card says about your personality

16 August 2019, Friday | Written by: New Payment Innovation

  What if marketers could determine their customers personality type by their spending habits?  As per the new consumer behavior...

What lies ahead: Trends that will shape the future of the payments industry

19 July 2019, Friday | Written by: New Payment Innovation

With the evolution in technology and the new mobile customer, payments industry globally is witnessing a significant shift. Here is...

Should your business consider going cashless ?

21 June 2019, Friday | Written by: Karen Froude

Cashless transactions are growing at a rapid rate, with cashless transactions overtaking cash transactions for the first time in 2018....

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