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NPI Direct | offers a range of wired, wireless and mobile terminals to help your business accept card payments. Transactions that are performed face to face with the consumer are called Cardholder present (CHP) solutions and are provided through a payment terminal

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Online Payments

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New Payment Innovation (NPI) enables businesses to offer their customers safe and secure online shopping

Ecommerce is growing, in fact 60% of payments are made online. Our online solutions offer a variety of flexible integration options that are perfectly priced for both small and growing businesses.

NPI enables businesses to offer their customers safe and secure online shopping, whilst still delivering fast transactions. Depending on the requirements, we can offer simple solutions such as a hosted form allowing businesses to take payments easily online to fully integrated payment solutions.

We can also offer some added value solutions that further enhance our payment capability including; scheduling payments and sending a payment link.

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Enabling customers to purchase on your website using a customised form

Enabling payment functionality to be integrated into any application

We can integrate with all of the major shopping carts


  • Simple and secure payment page
  • Accept all major credit and debit cards
  • API and shopping cart integration allowing for full website integration
  • International capability enabling businesses to take payments from around the globe
  • Access to Revolution our award-winning online reporting portal, giving real-time transaction history
  • PCI DSS Level 1 compliant payment gateway meaning all your data is 100% secure
  • Our technical support team are on hand to help 24/7, 365 days of the year

Processing and Acquisition from one provider

Many online payment processors do not get involved in the acquiring aspect of the payments service and those that do tend to be above the market rate in terms of price. NPI has the capability to provide both the processing and acquisition, allowing us to cater for both aspects of your requirement rather than insisting you go elsewhere.

Speak to one of our team today about helping your business on:

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Question ? Chat with us
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