Face to Face Payments

face to face payments
New Payment Innovation (NPI) offers a range of wired, wireless and mobile terminals to suit a variety of business needs. Transactions that are performed face to face with the consumer are called Cardholder present (CHP) solutions and are provided through a payment terminal.

Innovative Payment Services

Delivering leading payment terminals and online payment services, along with access to our award-winning Revolution portal. Providing you with real time transaction information and intelligent management reporting.

Quick, Simple and Clear

Our team here at NPI are here to help you at every step of the process, assisting in what would work best for you and your business, whilst benefiting from a fast application process, no annual fee and no charge for refunds.

Supporting Your Business

We can offer Managed Installation of your terminal, with Payment Terminal Support packages available. This is all backed up by our dedicated Customer Support whenever you need it, 24/7x365.


Wired terminals connect via a telephone line (PSTN) or a broadband connection (IP). Some models also have the option of connecting a Pinpad to the terminal.


Wireless terminals use Bluetooth to communicate to a base unit, which is connected via PSTN or IP. Wi-Fi models, can be supplied with an access point.


Mobile terminals use GPRS signal to achieve their connectivity. These terminals have a physical SIM card inside the device, like a mobile phone.

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